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How it Works

Enroll in our Forgo to Fulfil programme by completing the form below

There’s absolutely no continuing obligation. You’re in control and the details required are minimal as you’ll see.

Commit to forgo a meal from your day’s routine and how 

many times you would like to do this

This can be any number of meals over any given period of time. It’s purely 

down to how you and can always be updated.

In its place give a meal to someone hungry and in need

Prepare a simple vegetarian meal for someone you know to be hungry and in need. 

We all know someone, if only by sight. 

You might pass them each day living out on the street on your way to work or they might be elderly or infirm and living alone. Once the declared number of meals have been fulfilled, register this number for us by logging in and this will be added to our target tally.

...or bank these meals with us with us at just £1.00 each for our volunteer 

kitchens to prepare and distribute on your behalf

You can always let us fulfil your meal donation commitment on your behalf. Our ever expanding teams of volunteers set aside time every week to prepare large quantities of tasty, wholesome vegetarian meals and to then go out into the streets to set up serving tables to distribute to the destitute, homeless and hungry. 

Once your forgone meal commitment has been fulfilled, we will add this to our 

meals-fulfilled target tally.

Our first target is 20,000 fulfilled meals.
Help us get there as quick as possible.... hunger doesn’t wait.

Enrol Today and make a difference.

How many meals would like to pledge?

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Full Features of Forgo2Fulfil Coming Soon...

Please come back and check out our site very soon, we will be announcing some exciting new features and news very soon! Until then.. Thank you for continued support.

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